About VIP Wholesale

We offer the widest selection of phones, importing them from as far away as Europe and Asia. Whether you are looking for a phone that records video, lets you browse the Internet, or gives you door-to-door directions while you are driving, we have it. We are forever scouting the latest models so that we can always offer our clients the most cutting-edge technology.

Advertising: VIP has an in-house advertising agency that retailers have direct access to. The agency will work one-on-one to help your company get the most use out of your co-op spends. The use of carrier-approved ad templates, business cards, letterhead, and other various POP is readily available with a quick turnaround time and helpful customer support.

Customer Satisfaction: VIP Wireless prides ourselves on our customers' satisfaction. We know we owe our success to our loyal customers, and making sure that they have unsurpassed service is our goal. So whether it is a question about new rate plans and phones, or to just help you better understand your account, it is our pleasure to assist you any way we can. We will always be there to make sure you have the best POP and stocked inventory possible.

Educated Sales Staff: Each member of our staff undergoes training to ensure that they are knowledgeable on the latest equipment, rate plans, features and are prepared to answer any questions you may have. So whether you prefer to come into one of our stores for a phone demonstration, or just want to ask us a quick question, we're here to help. To contact the VIP Wireless Customer Care department, just call 866-2-GET-VIP, or send an email to support@vipwireless.com, or visit any VIP Wireless location.